Suede is made from small animal leather by tanning method—most people like suede shoes for their velvety looking in leather fabric. This kind of shoe is a favourite thing for all of us because it is fashionable and comfortable. Suppose you purchase a pair of suede shoes for attending a party or any other social gathering. Suppose you put on the shoes and feel that they are bigger than your feet size. In this situation, you will face a terrible moment. Wearing a big shoe size is very uncomfortable, and you will face a bitter experience. If the shoes are not changeable or returnable, you can think about Alternative methods like shrinking. And in this article, We will discuss how to shrink suede shoes and make small ones. So you have to read the full article and follow all our methods to make it fit with your feet.

You can shrink the suede shoes with a dryer. 

To shrink the shoes with the dryer method, you have to select a slippery or roomy area. And which area that feel big space with your foot and shoes. If the toe area is more spacey, you can shrink this area by the drying method. After selecting, you have to do the following task.

  • Fill a pot or spray bottle with water.
  • Submerge a clean cloth to make fully wet if you use pot or spray the shoes to make lightly wet the selecting area.
  • Wipe the selecting area with a wet cloth to make lightly wet the selecting area.
  • Do not make wet the fabric
  • Now you have dry the wet and selected area with a blow dryer or hair dryer.
  •  If you use a blow dryer or hair dryer, you have to maintain a specific distance to heat the suede fabric.
  • Dry the fabric fully with the blow dryer to shrinking the shoes.

If the shoes not enough shrink after applying this process, you have to repeat it again.

After successfully shrinking this kind of shoes, you can use a leather conditioner on the fabric of the shoe. Take the conditioner According to quantity on a clean and dry cloth and rub the surface of your pair of shoes.

You should not use direct sunlight to shrinking with the drying method. direct sunlight can damage your leather shoes. 

How to shrink suede Moccasins: 

If you want to shrink your moccasins, you have to soak the bow of the shoe in cold water. You have to wet only the specific area, not full shoes. To shrink the moccasins with this process, you should keep the wear on your feet and tie the shoelace perfectly to fit your feet better.

Can I shrink faux suede? 

Faux suede is an alternative to original suede, and it looks like natural suede, but it is made differently. So the faux suede does not shrink like leather or original suede. But can make a small and better fit with extra insert material in your faux suede shoes.

How to make fit without shrinking? 

There have some alternative ways to make fit this kind of shoes and faux suede. If your shoes are a little bit big and slippery, you can use the thick socks to make tight and fit with your feet. But you cannot apply this technic in a warm area because the pair of socks will uncomfortable for you. On the other hand, if you live in a cold area, you can apply this method happily.

Another shrinking alternative is stuff something in the toes area. You can use tissue paper, socks, or toilet pepper to fix extra space on your toes area. 

One of the best techniques is using an extra insole in your shoes. If you use the second insole, you also can feel more softness and comfort with tightening. You can collect extra insole from your old shoes or purchase from the store. If you want to buy the insole, you can find out many luxurious insoles.

Orthotic is more useful to make fit. If you want to recover extra space or a specific area to fit with your feet, you can use an orthotic. You can remove space from the heel, middle of foot, or toes area with the orthotics. 

How do I make my suede boots tighter?

You can use extra cushion into the inside of shoes, such as insole, tissue paper, etc.

How can I make my shoes fit better?

If you want to fit your shoes, you have to try to shrink first. Then try to search for something like an orthotics or insole.

What to do if shoes are big?

If the shoes are bigger than your regular size, you have to follow the shrinking process. 

Is it okay to wear shoes one size bigger?

Yes, you purchase a little bit of big size but not a lot. There is much treatment to make fit big shoes, but many big shoes are well uncomfortable to make shrink or fit.

Is wearing shoes too big bad?

Yes, you cannot walk or run easily. You have to face the problem when you go outdoors with extra big shoes.

Does suede shrink?

Yes, you can shrink the suede. But you have too much care when you start shrinking with the DIY method. Because the suede fabric is too sensitive, the suede fabric will be ruined if you make minor mistakes.

Conclusion:  it is not tough to make fit shoes. And it is a very common problem for everyone. Recently I purchase a sports shoes to play cricket. But the shoes are stretched after using a few days. As a result, my performs was drops when I attend to play cricket. I could not run and balancing my body perfectly because my shoes get the slip. So I thought that how can I solve this problem. Then make some ideas like insert extra socks on the toes area and tie the lace too much tight. After this, I can feel more comfortable and tight fit. Now I am happy with my shoes to wear and walk running and playing with my team on the field.