Every one used leather shoes for the official and formal activity to represent himself as a gentleman. But if you attend a party or any official work with smelly leather shoes, it will tarnish your image to the people around you. Smelly leather shoes don’t stop at just worsen your image; it also causes trouble for the people around you. As a result, You will feel uneasy in polite society for your stinky shoes. So it is very important to deodorize the leather shoes immediately before the next use. And deodorizing the leather shoes is very easy if you follow the correct methods. From this article, You can learn the easiest and correct methods to bad smell out from your leather footwear.

Deodorize the leather shoes with the homemade solution:

To deodorize the leather shoes, you have to make a homemade version of the solution with water, vinegar, and tree oil. And it will be best if you can collect a spray bottle to through into the inside of the leather shoes. To make this deodorizer, you have to collect some more things, such as

  • One cup water
  • Tea Tree oil
  • One cup of white vinegar
  • And a small pot

Now mix the vinegar and water in a pot and add a couple of drops of tea tree oil. Then stir the mixture with a teaspoon to mix the solution perfectly. If you cannot collect the tree oil, you can continue working only with vinegar. But you cannot use apple cider vinegar as an alternative to white vinegar because the apple cider vinegar will discolor your leather shoes.

Now put the solution on the spray bottle, then spray it into the inside of your leather footwear.  

If you cannot use a spray bottle, you have to use a clean and white towel to apply the solution to the inside of your shoes. Now sock the towel into the vinegar solution to make it wet with solution, then wring it to get rid of excess water. Put the towel into the shoes to rub the whole inside and insole. You have to Make a thin layer with this solution. Let them work on the solution for a few minutes.

After applying the solution, your shoes will get moist or damp, and dampness can damage the shoes. So you have to wipe with a dry cloth to dry the inside of your shoes completely.

How to Deodorize leather shoes with baking soda:

To remove unpleasant odor with this method, you have to sprinkle the baking soda into the inside of your leather shoes. Then let them for eight hours to remove the smelly odor from the shoes. After eight hours or before wearing the shoes, you have to bring out the baking soda. You can use a damp cloth to wipe the inside of the shoes to clean the baking soda from inside of the shoes.

Deodorize the leather shoes with black teabags:

You can deodorize the leather shoes very easily with the teabag. Black tea is content of tannins, and tannins can deodorize shoe odors. So if you use the black tea bag to deodorize the shoes, you can do it simply. You have to collect a couple of used tea bags. Then you have to put them into the inside of smelly leather shoes for 90 minutes.

How to deodorize the shoes with essential oils?

You can deodorize the leather shoes with essential oils. You can put five to six drops of essential oils into the inside of your smelly shoes. They keep them for eight hours or a full night.

You can get a better result if your shoes are not an embarrassing problem for the bad smell.

Can I deodorize the leather shoes with sunlight?

The sunlight is a powerful deodorizer because it has ultra violate rays (Uv Rays). The ultraviolet rays are natural destructive for all kinds of bacteria thats why it can kill the odor creator bacteria very easily. Leather shoes are not preferable for direct sunlight because direct sun heat can damage the leather fabric. But you can safely use this technique if you can put them in a sunny spot for a few times in Afternoon sunlight. To put them under the afternoon sunlight for a couple of minutes, you have to remove the laces and insole. Then put them under sunlight seperately.

This process may not smell out fully, but it will eliminate some odor. And you can apply this natural method fully free. 

Can I deodorize the leather shoes with dryer sheets?

Yes, the dryer sheet is very good deodorizer for stinky shoes. This sheet is one kinds of chemical laden that can work as a  stink-stopping bomb. To apply the dryer sheet you have to make  ball with the sheet then put the ball into the shoes for overnight. 

How to deodorize the shoes with spray?

You have to collect a disinfecting spray that is safe for leather shoes. Because some kind of spray is used for sneakers and canvas shoes, which can destroy the leather fabric, you can also use household disinfecting material to disinfect and remove the bad stink from your leather footwear. Lysol spray is one of them. To apply the for this process:

  • Spray it inside of your shoes fully
  • Spray it effective way to reaches the place of the toes area
  • Spray inside of every shoe for four to five seconds
  • Keep them for a couple of minutes to dry

Ensure your leather shoes are correctly dry after the spray methods because moisture and dampness can ruin the fabric. After drying the shoes, they will provide a good sniff. Click here to buy a spray for the leather shoes if it doesn’t stock in your home.

Can I deodorize the shoes by Washing or changing the insole?

You can deodorize the shoes by washing the insole. Most of the insole can wash with a machine. If the insoles are not machine washable, you can wash them by hand. On the other hand, It will best if you change the insole in a Regular break. 

kitty litter: You’re surprised to read about Kitty Litter in this article. But it is a deodorizer material. The cat litter has the stink absorb liquids. So the cat litter will be your other deodorizer option. To apply this method, you have to used socks. Now put the cat litter into the socks. Then put the sock into the inside of your shoes for a day.

How to prevent the odors from leather shoes?

The foot fungus can cause your foot to stink. Another reason is sweaty and smelly feet. So you have to wash your feet regularly. It can say that if you keep your feet clean, the odor of shoes will decrease. Another important thing is wearing socks. You have to wear a sock every time when you wear shoes.

Conclusion: Finally it can be said that deodorizing the leather shoes is too important when you go out for Polite society., If you want to enhance your personality, you need to keep your boots clean and odor-free along with other things in corporate life. In addition, when traveling in a local bus or plane, your fellow passengers will be annoyed by the stench of your shoes. So you should deodorize regularly by following our describing methods.