Sometimes we ​​have to move from one place to another for the urge of life. Or we have transferred to the new home for various reasons. When we change our address from one place to another or from one house to another, we have to pack all our things and accessories to take them with us including shoes also. But most of the time we don’t pack the shoes carefully like other things. as a result, our shoes may get waste in differents ways for wrong packing.

On the other hand, many people do not know how to pack their pairs of shoes for moving. So it is very important to pack your shoes properly. We can confirm some proper methods for packing the shoes properly, which we have mentioned in this article. You can see our technique to pack your boots properly. 

How to prepare to packing shoes for move?

On packing day, you have to select a pair of shoes that are comfortable for you to wear during moving time. So it will best if You select seasonal shoes to wear during this period. for example, you can wear flip-flops for summer or boots if you move in winter. 

Step one: You have to make some categories for different types of shoes.

  • Casual shoes
  • Formal shoes
  • seasonal shoes

Step two: In this step you have to collect some packing materials for packing your shoes properly.  

  • Larger boxes
  • Old shoeboxes
  • Packing paper
  • basket
  • Packing tape
  • Original box
  • Crumpled Paper 
  • bubble wrap

Step three: You have to clean extra dirt and dust from the shoes before packing. At first, Give extra attention to soles where dirt can get stuck. because this dirt can attach to other shoes. that’s why your clean shoes can get dirty. So you can use a stiff bristle brush for a little cleaning. But you should not make the shoes wet or moist to clean for packing shoes. Because if you pack damp or wet shoes, it will destroy or damage the shoes.

Step four: Dry the shoes before packing them. If your shoes are wet or damp, you should to dry the shoes properly. Because bacteria like damp and wet places. 

Separate the shoes which you will not wear

If you have a large collection of shoes, there will be some shoes that you do not wear. There is no need to move by carrying these shoes to your new home. So You have to get rid of them. You can sell them on Those who buy old things or a classified ad posting website. It is very tough to Selling the old thing at a good price. If your shoes in better condition, you should give them to a charitable organization if you do not want to sell them. It will good decision to donate your shoes than throwing the trash or selling a lower price. And it is also a good practice to help others As much as possible.

What’s the best way to pack shoes when moving?

If you pack the shoes Incorrectly, they will lose their shape because all of the packets may collide with each other or One shoe can be stressed with another during transit. As a result, your shoes will lose their Well-formed appearance or may get different kinds of damage. 

Stuff socks: you can stuff socks into the shoes to protect them from smashed or getting crushed during transit. It also reduces your work because you do not need to pack the socks again. It will be best if you stuff the socks in your shoe toes area to heel fully. 

Plastic bags: You also can stuff this kind of bag into the shoes if you don’t have enough socks.

Stuff paper: To avoid a few damaging risks such as smashed shoes, or scuff marks, you can use crumpled paper or packing paper. This paper will work best to protect the shape of your shoes. Paper also can absorb the dampness from your shoes, and This will keep the shoes dry. 

But you cannot use newspaper or dye tissue paper for stuffing into the shoes. Because wrap with these colorful paper can cause stain on your shoes. So you have to avoid using the dyed paper. you can use white paper As an alternative to the newspaper.

How do you pack shoes efficiently?

When you move to a new place, It is so important to pack the shoes efficiently. If you put the lightweight shoes first on the packet or bag, they will damage by pressing the heavyweight shoes. 

Pack Heavy shoes on the Bottom: To start packing shoes, you have to put the heavy items first. Then put the next heavier shoes in the bag. You Have to put the lightweight and lighter shoes on top of the bag. It will help you to protect delicate shoes from crushed. You should not want extra overload the packet with shoes.

Tie sneakers with a lace: When you put the sneakers in the bag, you have to tie them with lace together. This trick will help you to find out a pair of shoes easily. So it will best if you tie the lace together with each pair. 

Pack out season shoes separately: it is most important to consider your moving time that packs the seasonal shoes separately. When you move during the summer, you have to prioritize unpacking the flip-flop, sandal, or other open-toe shoes. On the other hand, if you move in winter, you can separately pack summer shoes, and you should prioritize heavy unpacking boots.

Pack a few essential expensive pairs in their box: pack your favorite shoes and nicer shoes with their original shoe boxes because there has a lot of chance to damage or getting crake. it can also prevent some common risks. It will best if you buy a cardboard box when you do not have the original shoe boxes. 

Wrap the shoes before placing in the bag

When you are placing the shoes in the bag, it will best if you wrap the shoes. But you should not use plastic bags to wrap them because plastic bags will rip at any time. You can use bubble wrap for a pair of shoes as an alternative to plastic. You also can use paper towels to rapping them. It will better if wrap the dry pair of shoes and dry the wet shoes before wrapping them. You can purchase the bubble wrap easily by click here.

What to do if you want to keep odor-free during transit? 

Most of the time, our shoes are stinky, so there is a probability of odor when you move to the new place. And it will be an unpleasant experience for you when you feel the bad smell from shoes. So you have to deodorize the shoes before packing them. And this process is not tough.

Teabags: You can put the black tea bags inside your stinky shoes to get off the odor during transit. Black tea has tannins that can kill odor creator bacteria. And your shoes will stink-free. 

Deodorizer spray: it is another effortless method to keep the shoe stink-free, and it is a little bit tough to collect because you have bought a spray or purchase one. But you can order a deodorizer spray online very easily. You can learn from here how to deodorize the shoes.

Is it OK to store leather shoes in plastic containers?

No. plastic container will block the air circulation system. On the other hand, your leather shoes need natural airflow. 

Is it better to keep shoes in boxes or out?

It will be better if you can keep them in the original shoebox during your move. 

Can you pack shoes in a carry-on?


Can I put shoes in my personal bag?

When you are moving to another place, you have to carry on your shoes in a separate bag. But if you are facing complicated to collect another bag, you should wrap the shoes with plastic or newspaper. 

How long before moving Should you start packing?

You should start packing the shoes From a week ago. 

How can I move my shoes without a box?

If you do not have a shoebox, you can wrap the pair of shoes with packing paper or crumpled paper. 

How do you pack expensive shoes?

If you have the original shoe box, you can use it to pack them. Or you can collect a cardboard box. 

how to pack high heels?

To pack this kind of shoes it will best if you can wrapping them bubble wrap. it can prevent from any kind damaging. 

final word:

Do not forget to pack the shoe kit for moving to your new place. If you don’t pack them, they can be lost. As a result, you have to face problems when you want to take care of the shoes. So it is very important to take all the shoe accessories with your shoe collection.