We all choose grippy shoes for every case. But we need slippery shoes for a few cases. For example, when you attend a ballroom or Zumba class, you can’t expect high performance with grippy and traction shoes. In this case, slippery shoes will help you a lot to get success on the dancing floor. But if your current shoes are not slippery enough, you may fail to dance well and fall off the competition. So you need to collect a pair of slipper shoes. Or you can make the current shoes slippery if you want. You can do it very easily by following certain methods. We have tried to share these methods through this article, by following it you can make your shoes suitable for dancing.

Is there a way to make shoes non-slip?

Yes, You can convert the nonslip shoes to slippery if you follow some accurate technique. Some steps help you to customize a slippery shoe. After following the steps, you can convert a slippery shoe for your dance performance. 

Oil and SandPaper 

Oil and sandpaper method very common, and it is a widely used method to make the pair of shoes slippery. Because you can apply this method with very cheap material and you can get an excellent result. Most shoes are nonslip because they come with a rubber bottom that can provide the shoes very much grip. As a result, your shoes will Become nonslip. 

But you can make the shoe soles slippery enough with sandpaper and olive oil. The first step is to eliminate the all-thread- pattern of soles by sandpaper. Then if you apply oil, the rubber soles will lubricate, and your shoes will be a perfect slippery for the dance floor. To start this method

  • Rub the soles with sandpaper to remove thread design from the outsoles
  • soak a towel into the oil to make wet with oil
  • now wipe the soles with the towel
  • distribute the oil evenly

It will best if you use olive oil or cooking oil. Hopefully, your shoes will turn into slippery shoes, and after this process, you can enjoy the dance with these converted slippery shoes. 

Suede Soles Implant technique

There have suede soles that is specially designed for dancers. It can minimize the traction and grip from the nonslip shoes. So you can expect excellent feedback from a suede sole. These soles come with two individual designs, which is ball and heel soles are adhesive.

To apply the soles, you have to purchase from a store or easily order online. This sole has an adhesive backing so you can stick it very easily.

  • Wipe the sole with a paper towel if they have any dirt or dust.  
  • Cut the soles to matching with your shoe’s soles.
  • Stick the soles on the surface of the soles
  • Allow for a couple of hours

After this process, your nonslip shoes will convert a slippery dancing shoe. 

What can you put on the bottom of shoes to make them slippery?

We can Gaffer tape or duct paper.

Duct or Gaffer Tape 

You can use gaffer tape to make the shoes slippery for dancing. Gaffer tape is very easily applicable, and you can make slippery shoes without any kind of adhesive damage. To make a slippery shoe with it, you have to stick the gaffer tape on the whole soles. Attach the gaffer tape on the surface of soles sequentially until cover the whole soles. Then cut the excess protruding edges from every corner and sides of soles.

After complete this process, you can enjoy your shuffle dance on the floor.

You can also apply duct tape with the same method if you cannot collect the gaffer tape. 

How to make dance shoes slippery to make spins easier?

You can do it by three way, those are method of moleskin, nail file, and sandy surface.


You can make slippery dance shoes with moleskin. You have to stick it on the nonslip shoe’s bottom to make slippery enough that can be helpful for dancing. 

Nail File:

You also apply the nail file on the sole to removing traction. It will help you to free from the grip the shoes. But it cannot fully make nonslip shoes. 

Sandy surface:

It also another weak method but you can convert as a little slippery from the stubborn nonslip shoes.

How do you make suede dance shoes slippery?

To make slippery suede shoes i will stick the suede paper on the bottom of the shoes. 

How do you remove sticky residue from shoes?

You can easily remove it with sandpaper. 

How do you fix sticky rubber soles?

It will very easy if I apply sand paper and oil method. First of all, I have to rub the rubber soles with sandpaper then apply oil to lubricate the rubber. 

Conclusion: Many of us like dancing. And some people make happy everyone with their dancing performance. Slippery shoes will be very helpful for this type of person. Moreover, it is often difficult to collect a dancing shoe for dancing trainees. So we have tried to teach them to solve This kind of difficulty.