You may feel comfortable wearing your favorite shoe to go everywhere or to attend a party because the pair of shoes are beautiful and fashionable, which makes your favorite shoe more prominent than other shoes. But if your pair of shoes are slippery you can slip at any time and You will fall and get hurt. Or you may slip in front of a lot of people during a party on a dance bar for the slippery shoes. Or if you are a restaurant worker or medical worker, you may have to do a lot of walking or running on the tiled floor. In this case, if your shoes do not slip-resistant enough, then it can cause a lot of problems in your workplace. A pair of nonslip shoes also safe for you in other work or all activities of life. So it is very important to make a non-slip if your shoes are slippery. But if you don’t know how to make your shoe slip-resistance, you can’t do it. but in this article, we have tried to explain all the methods to make the shoes Non-slip in a simple step by step to inform you.

How do I make my shoe slip-resistant?

Your shoes are slippery because the soles are smooth. If you want to make a non-slippery shoe, you have to make a rough sole. But how can you make a rough sole? There have many ways to convert a rough sole from a smooth sole. Adding traction on soles is one of them. 

How can I make traction on the soles?

There have so many ways to make traction on the sole to make slip resistance. To make traction rich soles, you have to use a rough surface to rub the slippery surface of the soles of your shoes. To rub the soles, you have to find out driveway gravel on the outside of your home. Then rub gently to make scuff. 

Scuff with sandpaper: You also can scuff your shoes with sandpaper. If you cannot make traction on the soles by driveway gravel on the outside, you can use sandpaper to rough soles. This method is very easy to apply. you have to collect sandpaper from the market or you can collect it easily from online click here to collect. then start scrub on the smoothest portions. It would be best if you rubbed only the smoothest portions. Repeat the process until the smoothest portions getting rough. In this case, the 50-grit paper will work best. to collect it click here

Scuff with nail file: If you failed to make a rough sole with sandpaper or you cannot collect sandpaper or go outside to rub on a rough surface, you can use it. Detect the smoothest portion of the soles and rub with the nail file. You should use a metal nail file to scuff soles. 

Score the soles: You also can use a DIY soles treating method like scoring the soles. In this case, you have to use a razor blade or sharp knife. You have to operate this task carefully to do not destroy the shoes. Now use the knife to cut a little deep diagonal line on the soles. By scoring the soles, you have to try to transform the sole like a tyre surface. But do not very deeply do it. The insoles can get cutup if you do this too deep. Then there has a probability of destroying the shoe. 

Use a grip pad:  Another special solution is grip pads to make a slip-resistant shoe. If you have worn-out footwear, you can use a grip pad. You have to collect a good quality grip pad that correctly matches your shoe soles. Click here to collect it from online Now peel off this grip pad’s protecting cover then attach the pad to the detected part. Then allow a few hours before wear to plant better.

Is there a spray to make shoe slip-resistant?

Yes. It is a smart technique to make slip resistance shoes. 

How to use spray to make slip-resistant shoe?

It is a great and simple solution to making slip-resistant. To do this method, you have to buy a traction spray from a local shop or click here to order online. To apply the spray, it will best if you clean dirt and dust from the soles. Cleaning can help to sit the spray on the soles and work great. Then spray the soles with a traction spray and allow the shoes to dry. 

Does Hairspray make your shoes less slippery?

Yes. You can use it if you do not have a traction spray. 

What can you put on the bottom of shoes to make them less slippery?

There has some effective beneficial product that can help you to make the shoes less slippery. You can use Adhesive bands, glue and sand, Ankle strap, MASKING TAPE, and Attach a non-slip sole.

Use puff paint on slippery soles

This kind of paint usually used for crafts and arts for kids. but you can use it to make your shoe non-slip. Puff paint is another common solution to make a slip resistance shoe. When you need extra grip to prevent Slippery condition of your shoes, you can apply it. To apply, you have to make a thin coat on the soles. Then dry the paint area to reduce excess smoothness. This method is durable than the spray method, but it is a temporary solution.     

Adhesive bands

The adhesive bandage can help you to reduce the smoothness of the soles. And will give you a better grip to make the non-slip shoes. So You can use Two adhesive bands on every shoe to make an extra grip. To apply it you have to stick two bandages on the heel and another smooth area. if you do not have stock on your home you can purchase it easily with a click.

Make slip resistance with glue and sand. 

To make a nonslip sole, you can use sand and glue. To use these materials, you have to mix them in a pot then make a thin layer on the soles. It will give you the best grip for ice.                 

Make slip resistance with glue and salt.

If you failed to collect the sand, you could use salt as an alternative to sand. It also can improve the grip of your soles. So you can mix some salt with glue and apply the soles to create a thin layer.

Make nonslip with ice grip.

Ice grips are another very good material that can help to make a nonslip shoe. It can protect you from falling on the floor cause of the slip. If you are seriously looking for a commercial slip resistance ice grip will one of the best. Ice grip not only protects from ice; it also can protect you from steel surface, wooden and tiled floor. You can use ice grips indoor or outdoor. Click here to collect it for your shoes.

Ankle strap

If you do not want to spend time to make slip resistance shoes, you can use this effortless method. You can try to slippery shoes to manage your balance with ankle strap. It will best helpful if you fair about the grassy surface because it will provide you with a very grip when you want to walk out on a grassy surface.  


You also can make temporary slip resistance shoes by using masking tape. Stick the tape on the whole bottom of the shoes. 

Attach a nonslip sole

It will the best solution if you can invest a few amounts on the nonslip soles because it is permanent and long durable. You can spend a few years with it very easily. Attaching extra soles not only make slip resistance it also provides you more comfortable to use. Another advantage is it is not expensive. you can collect this kind of soles very easily from here.

Cobbler Or Repairer

In the final word, we can say that if you feel unsure about any of our methods, you have to go to a cobbler or a nearby professional repairer. A cobbler can apply the best material to the shoes making a nonslip. But mind it this repair service might be a little expensive. 

Is slip resistant the same as nonslip?


How can I make my shoes have more grip?

You have to make traction on the sole or score the sole with a razor blade or sharp knife. the adhesive bandage also can help you to increase grip.

Does Hairspray make your shoes less slippery?

Yes. But it is not a permanent solution. 

How do you make rubber soles slip-resistant?

Scuffing with a rough surface, sandpaper, and nail fail method will best if you want to make more slip resistance to the rubber sole. 

How can I add grip to the bottom of my shoes?

To adding grip, you have to attach Adhesive bands or glue and sand.

Conclusion: if you are a nurse or a restaurant worker, you have to do quick Movement. So it is very important to make sure that the shoes are grippy enough and have tractional soles. If they are not grippy or nonslip, you should make them slip-resistant immediately by following this article. Otherwise, you may fall on the floor by slipping and make a serious injury.