When we go out of the house, We wear clothes and shoes. But if it rains suddenly while walking outside, everything will get wet, including shoes also. on the other hand, shoes can get wet in many different ways. For example, when you go camping or hunting, your shoes get wet very easily. Because you have to walk on water and wet roads regularly during hunting and camping, shoes can also get wet for more reasons. No matter how wet they are, if you want to keep your shoes well you have to dry the shoes As soon as possible. But if you do not follow the proper way to dry the shoes, they can damage. So if you want to dry the shoes without any damage, you have to follow this article. 

How to dry wet shoes without damaging them?

If you do not want to damage your wet shoes, destroy you have to arranged Dryness immediately after getting wet. If you failed to do this, your expensive shoes would damage. But if you do this immediately, your shoes will get longevity. Every type of shoes has different optimal methods & specific drying formula to dry. And you have to apply the drying method specifically for different types of shoe material to decrease the possibility of long-term damage. 

First remove the access water from the wet shoes

You have to press to remove excess water from the wet shoes gently. By removing excess water, you can accelerate the drying process. And it will make it easy to complete another task. But it would be best if you did not press the shoes harshly to remove excess water because it can ruin the shoes. 

Remove and dry the insoles and laces separately

It will best if you dry the insole and lace separately. To do it, you have to remove the insoles from the inside of the wet shoes and hang them In a ventilated place. Then remove the lace and press to remove water and to make damp. Now hang the laces to dry. 

Never Keep Them Out in the Cold

You have to keep the shoes inside your house in a well-temperature room with an air circulating place. But it would be best if you did not keep them on the outside of your house, which is extremely cold. 

Dry the wet shoes by Dryer

You can dry your wet shoes put them in a machine dryer to dry them if they support machine dry. You have to check the care information of the shoes before putting them into the machine. If you understand that your shoes are machine washable, you can dry with it by low heat. You can also put them in the machine dryer without considering if the shoes are made from cotton, nylon and polyester. But you have to avoid the machine dryer if the shoes are made from leather or suede. 

Stuff theme with a lot of newspapers

You can dry the shoes with old newspapers. The newspapers can absorb water from the fabric of your shoes. To apply it you have to cover full outside with newspaper. But most important, to stuff the newspaper in the inside of shoes. To stuffing inside, you have to make a couple of balls with newspapers then stuff them tightly in the shoes. And you have to change the used newspaper after an hour and repeat stuffing with other dry newspapers. 

Heater Vent or Fan

Suppose the shoes are not dry completely after applying the newspaper method. In this situation, You can use Heater Vent to dry the shoes. To dry with the heater vent, you have to keep the shoes in front of the heater vent. Your shoes will get dry very quickly with This method. You also can use a table fan to dry the shoes. 

Limit Sun Exposure

You can dry the shoes by keeping them outside under the sun. But it will be a little bit risky if the shoes are made of leather. You can put the shoes if they are made from cotton nylon and polyester fabric. Sometimes drying the shoes with the sun can make the shoes crispy. So it would be best if you did not keep the shoes under the sunlight for a long time.  

Drying Leather and Suede Shoes

Drying the leather shoes is not very tough, but it will be risky if you don’t follow proper methods. It will be best to apply newspaper, heater vent, table fan and hang on air circulation method. After removing excess water from leather and suede shoes, you should apply these methods—the same suggestion for suede shoes.

But mind it never applies the machine dryer and sunlight method because your leather or suede shoes will destroy. It also harmful to leather fabric if you want to use a hair dryer. If you apply a hairdryer to dry the wet shoes, they will shrink a little bit. 

Drying Synthetic and Cotton Shoes

These kinds of shoes are very easy to dry. You dry them very easily by machine dryer. But you have to use the low heat option while dry the shoes. And you can apply other drying methods without any concern like heater vent, portable fan, and newspaper. 

Drying Uggs and Work Boots

Generally, uggs boots are similar to suede shoes. So you cannot apply any direct heat to dry them, such as sunlight, electric hair dryer, radiator, heater or a machine dryer. So you have to follow the newspaper and fan methods. You also can dry them by hanging them in a good ventilation place. 

Woking boots are also similar to uggs. But you can put them under the sun for a limited time. 

The Best Way to Dry Wet Running Shoes

Most of the running shoes are made from nylon mesh or polyester. So you can put them in the fridge by packing with a plastic bag. You also can dry them easily by stuffing newspapers. If you want to dry them with less time, you have to put them in front of a table fan.

Can I put my wet shoes in the dryer?

It depends on the fabric of your shoes. If the shoes are made from leather and suede, you should not put them in the dryer. If the shoes are made from cotton, polyester, mesh, and nylon, you can put them to dry with a low heat setting. 

Will shoes ruin the dryer?

No. but if the shoes are made from leather or suede fabric, they might be damaged. 

Can you put Adidas shoes in the dryer?

Yes. But you have put them in a lower heat setting. Sometimes It was observed that drying with a dryer can be the cause of internal damage. 

How do you dry wet sneakers in the dryer?

You have to tie the laces together. Then put them in the dryer by setting a low heat option. 

Is it bad to run in wet shoes?

Yes. Your shoes will destroy if you run in wet shoes. Your feet’ skin also damages by this. 

Can you put shoes in the oven to dry?

Yes. but It is not a good idea, because your oven may get a bad odor from shoes. You have done it carefully. There has a massive chance to damage them by putting the oven. You have to open the door and set the temperature to a nearby hundred to one hundred twenty degrees. And it will best if you remove the shoes from the oven every five minutes until the footwear dry.

Can you dry tennis shoes in a dryer?

Yes. You should follow a low temperature. 

Can I dry my shoes in the sun?

Yes. You can dry some specific shoes in limited auditions. But you have to avoid the sun if the shoes are made of leather. 

How do you dry wet soaking cleats?

You can dry the cleats by stuffing newspaper or using a table fan.

Can I dry my cleats in the dryer?