A shiny and tidy shoe does not only for great-looking, it also enhances your personality on any occasion. that’s why we should use shiny shoes. Generally, we make our shoes shiny with shoe polish. However, we do not always have the polisher or polishing kit in our house. in this case, you have to face trouble.

On the other hand, regularly buying the shoe polisher is an extra cost. But we have to wear shiny shoes regularly to join any event.  When you do not have the polisher to polishing your shoes to attend various formal events or business meetings. can you attend without polishing the shoe?  The answer is no because there are so many alternatives to polishers. 

And we will discuss all these alternatives here. So you should to follow the whole article fruitfully to shine your shoes without polishing them. 

What is a substitute for shoe polish?

There have many substitutes such as

  •     Banana Peel
  •     Beeswax
  •     Body Lotion
  •     Coconut Oil
  •     Hair Gel
  •   Hibiscus Flower
  •   Linseed Oil and Vinegar
  •   Lip Balm
  •   Lemon
  •  Oregano Leaves
  •  Petroleum Jelly
  •  Potatoes
  •  Rubbing Alcohol
  •  Walnut/Vegetable Oil
  •  Nontoxic Permanent Marker
  •  Toothpaste
  •  Soap Solution
  •  Paraffin
  •  Breadcrumbs
  •  Corn Flour
  •  essential oils
  • Orange and Baking Soda

Use some natural sources as the shoe shine supplies.

There is some natural element to shine the shoes without any cost. You can use the banana skin, hibiscus, and Oregano Leaves to shine the pair of shoes. To shine with them you do not need much effort. Lets to know how to apply those natural shining agent with the right way. 

Bana peel: most people like to have breakfast with bananas, so we can say that it is easily available in your home. To apply it you have to rub the shoes with the peels inside. After rubbing with the banana skin, you have to dry the shoes with a dry and clean cloth. The banana peel has natural and organic polisher. So it can make your shoes real shine.

Although it is a kind of garbage, it cannot understand anybody that your shoes are shiny from the banana skin. 

Hibiscus:  Most people have a hobby of making flower gardens in their backyard. And the Hibiscus plant is more predominant in their garden. On the other hand, these flowers are available in an abundant amount to buy in the stores.

To shine the shoes with hibiscus, you have to rub the surface of the shoes. It is a very good natural treatment to shine the shoes without a commercial policer. 

Oregano leaves: The oregano leave will tough to collect if you live in a city. But it also an excellent organic thing as an alternative to shoe polisher. it has the essential oil that can provide a shiny treatment on your leather shoes. You have to rub the fuzzy shoes with it to make them shine and beautiful.

After applying all kinds of natural treatment to shine the shoes, you should wipe with a clean and white dry towel or cotton soft cloth.

Can you use Vaseline to shine shoes?

Yes. It is an excellent alternative to a Conventional shoe polisher that is Usually available on the market. 

How to shine the shoe with cosmetics?

There are some beauty products that we use to enhance our beauty. You can also use them to increase the shine of your shoes. And these are always stored in your home. These are petroleum jelly, lip balm, hair jell, Toothpaste, body lotion. 

Hair gel: you can use this kind of gel to shine the shoes. It can make your shoes very shiny by using this gel. To apply the gel, you have to rub the surface with it. Then wipe the shoes with a clean and soft cloth. After the process, your shoes will get shiny again. 

Lip balm: Many have suggested that shoes can be shined with it. So you also can apply it to shine the shoes. After rubbing with it you have to clean with a soft and clean towel. But you have to consider when your shoes are black color and the balm is red or other. It will best if you apply it to the boots with matching colors.

Petroleum jelly: Vaseline is one of the best household materials that can make the shoes shiny. Take some Vaseline or jelly on a cloth, then apply on the shoes by rubbing. 

Body lotion: It is another effective shoe polisher. You can apply it if you don’t have hair gel or petroleum jelly. 

Toothpaste: if you have white shoes, it will be the best alternative to shoe polisher. Rub the Toothpaste with a toothbrush, shoe brush, or a soft brush on the surface of your shoes. It also can remove any tough stain and make a beautiful shiny shoe. 

Can you shine shoes with olive oil?


Shine the shoe with olive oil and lemon:  

You can use this oil to make your shoes shine as an alternative of commercial shoe polisher because it is broadly recognized that olive oil is a good moisturizer. To apply it on the shoes, you have to sprinkle a few drops of olive oil then massage on the surface of your shoes. Let them for a couple of minutes. After five minutes you have to rub again with a dry and soft cloth or soft rag

It will best if you can apply the lemon juice after this kind of oil process to give them extra shine. 

Coconut oil: You can use another oil to shine your shoes without polish, and it is coconut oil. You have to rub this oil on the full surface of your shoes with a cloth. This method is suitable for warm weather. But, if you apply this method in cold weather or winter, the oil will freeze. as a result, your shoes will get a white coating on the surface. 

Shine the shoes with beeswax

beeswax was used since ancient times to polish shoes or something. And it is easily available on the market. To shine with it, you have to heat it for melt then apply it to your leather shoes. Rub it on the surface of your shoes. Now buff the shoes with a clean cloth. After applying it, your shoes may look like new. Click here to collect beeswax.

Shine the shoes with rubbing alcohol

There has a chance to shine your shoes with rubbing alcohol. To apply the alcohol to your shoes, you have to use a cotton ball. Now soak the cotton ball into the alcohol bottle to make it wet, then rub the shoes with it. Rub the full surface of your shoes properly. After applying the rubbing alcohol to your shoe you have to buff the shoes with a dry and soft cloth.  Click here to collect rubbing alcohol.

Frequently Ask Question: FAQs

Can banana skin shine shoes?

Yes, it is a very good natural polisher. You can rub with it without any hesitation.

Why can banana peels shine shoes?

It has a lot of potassium. On the other hand, potassium is a Raw material to make the commercial polisher. 

Can I make shine with a soap solution? 


How to shine the shoes with a soap solution? 

You have to make a solution with mild detergent and warm water. Dish soap is best as a mild detergent. To make the soap solution, you have to mix dish soap with warm water in a pot. Then apply the solution on the surface of the shoes and rub the shoes with a sponge. 

Now wipe the shoes with a dry and soft towel to make the shoes shiny.

How do you make dull shoes shiny?

If your dull shoes are made from leather fabric, You can make shine and fresh if you follow our  methods. 

How do you make dull leather shiny?

You should apply our describing methods. Olive, vaseline, gel, and banana skin will best alternative to shoe polishers. 

How do you make black leather shiny?

You can rub with alcohol or beeswax on the surface of your leather fabric. 

Another great way to shine black leather is the solution of alcohol. You have to mix a few amounts of alcohol with a cup of water then rub it on the surface of the shoe. After rubbing the water, you can apply the wax to make a shiny look. 

Is olive oil good for leather?

Yes. Of course, you can use it on your shoes to give them a shiny look without polish.

How can I shine my shoes at home?

You can shine the shoes at your home by following all of our methods.